If you remember the Moxy Früvous, make sure you don’t miss this year’s Latitudes Storytelling Festival. Mike Ford, a founding member of Moxy Früvous will bring a whole new meaning to “story” this year.
Join a panel from the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program (MAREP) from University of Waterloo Faculty of Applied Health Sciences and Hallman Institute for Health Promotion as we explore Alzheimers through film and lived experience.
Fairy doors? Yes! We got ‘em! Central Frederick Neighbourhood Association is connecting neighbours in adorable ways. You can find out about it at our festival, and maybe even make a door yourself.

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The week ahead

FINAL 2014_Schedule_JUNE16 [1] Things go into a bit of a lull this week, even though the festival is only days away. Once the programme is off to print, I take a deep breath and actually sit down to watch some TV for the first time in months. My family and I and some friends went […]

Kultrun is almost here

In taking our breather after our festival, we didn’t quite get things together soon enough to get our full programming into the Kultrun booklet (it’s beautiful, by the way!), so I’m posting the schedule here. Hope to see you at Kultrun!

Storytelling at Kultrun 2014

Well, another year over for our two-day festival. We had an awesome time —  the sun shone both days with completely lovely temperatures for the first time in nine years! And to round off this week, we got our first Ontario Arts Council grant! So we’re starting 2015 planning with money in our pocket for […]

Two weeks to go!

The countdown is on! Production of our programme is in the works, and the schedule of performers is still subject to change in minor ways, but you should get a good sense of what will be happening on June 21-22. Hope you can make it! I have a good feeling about this year. DRAFT 2014_Schedule_JUNE7 […]