• Image of Karen Stille playing washoboard and Andrew Queen playing guitar. Both are singing at the microphone.
    Karen Stille and Andrew "Too Tall" Queen
  • Sarah Granskou, storyteller, and Cristin Osborne, artist
  • Telling our stories
  • MIke Ford sings and plays guitar on front steps of Suddaby Public School
    Mike Ford performs at Suddaby Public School, Kitchener
  • Image of kids and adults, including one in a wheelchair, sitting listening to a storyteller in the children and youth tent
    Children and youth tent
  • Janice Lee in performance
    Janice Lee, spoken word poet and singer-songwriter
  • Organic Groove drum quintet in performance
    Organic Groove
  • Bikes leaning against a tree, with people listening to stories in background
  • Storyteller Mary-Eileen McClear in performance
    Mary-Eileen McClear, storyteller
  • Two children playing instruments during a storytelling performance
    Fun in the children and youth tent